New Dogs on the Block… er.. Farm…

Meet Bosco, a five month old (yes, I did say “month”! )Great Pyrenees-and-possibly-something-else mix. I had been wanting to get a farm guardian dog for security reasons for some time after we moved. It would guard the chickens in their various locations, and warn us and the cattle if predators or intruders were in theContinue reading “New Dogs on the Block… er.. Farm…”

Little Children, Little Things

“Mom! Mom! Come look! We caught a mourning dove!” C burst into the house excitedly. “A mourning dove? Really?” “Yes! Come see!” Well, it turned out it wasn’t a mourning dove, but a baby sparrow. Apparently it was trying out its wings in the driveway and the boys decided it needed help. This highlights oneContinue reading “Little Children, Little Things”