Pasture-Raised Eggs

Non-GMO, Chemical-Free, Soy-Free

Our hens are pastured with plenty of room to be their natural chicken selves, and are fed non-GMO, soy free feed. They happily turn out very nutrient-dense eggs, as shown by the deep orange color of the yolk. More omega -3 fatty acids contained in each one is a greater help to reducing inflammation in the body, as compared to your standard “factory” eggs . Add all the other trace minerals and vitamins packed inside, and you have a real breakfast for champions!

You can’t find eggs of this quality in stores anywhere, and certainly not at a price this low. These eggs are so good for you (and tasty!), we find that it’s quite appropriate that our toddler calls our nesting boxes “treasure boxes”!

Feel free to bring back your egg cartons- we reuse those that are in good condition. Many thanks!

One dozen (delivered)7.00/dz
One dozen (Farm pickup price) 6.00/dz

“The eggs are the best! I made Matt and my Natalie poached eggs this week and was marveling at how golden yellow the yolks were. “

T. D., Ohio
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