Surprising Blessings at Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving weekend did not go as planned. Well, we didn’t really have too much planned, other than having some family visitors. But boy, oh boy, it turned out to be a roller coaster ride! First off, we were contacted by a friend the weekend before saying that he was available to help us butcherContinue reading “Surprising Blessings at Thanksgiving”

Mystery Chicks’ Identities Revealed!

Beware of buying pullets on clearance at your local farm supply store- you never know what you’ll get! That is, if you are not an expert on identifying chicken breeds. We are not terribly familiar with all the different varieties of chickens, or perhaps we would have figured this ‘mix up’ out sooner! But theContinue reading “Mystery Chicks’ Identities Revealed!”

Digging Trenches, Building Fences

Two really huge projects are coming close to their completion. Because we want our cattle to remain in pasture all year long (ideally) and rely on feeding hay as little as possible, we found it necessary to fence several more acres of our property, and run water lines to several different locations to make itContinue reading “Digging Trenches, Building Fences”

Little Children, Little Things

“Mom! Mom! Come look! We caught a mourning dove!” C burst into the house excitedly. “A mourning dove? Really?” “Yes! Come see!” Well, it turned out it wasn’t a mourning dove, but a baby sparrow. Apparently it was trying out its wings in the driveway and the boys decided it needed help. This highlights oneContinue reading “Little Children, Little Things”