Goin’ Fishin’

The pond.

At first, it was a source of anxiety for me. As a mom of several young children, none of whom are proficient at swimming quite yet, living with a body of water just steps away from the back door is rather nerve wracking. But now, I consider it one of the most peaceful spots on the farm, and we’ve been spending our Sunday afternoons out on the dock fishing!

As far as we can tell, our pond is home to largemouth bass and bluegill. Big T has proved to be quite the fisherman with his homemade bamboo fishing pole. He digs his own bait, and lands several fish in just the first half hour he’s out there. With Dad’s help, they catch dinner for the family in an hour or two! Most of the bass are about 11″ long, but T hooked one that was at least 15″ long. Must’ve been heavy, too, because the line snapped and he got away…. Nathan has honed his skills filleting the fish, which cook up quite nicely with butter, fines herbes, and white wine. Then, it’s out for an afternoon swim -er- well, for Nathan anyway. I’m a little nervous about snakes and such, and still can’t trust the children in the water.

Talk about living off the land though; it’s days like these that I have to remind myself that though it might feel like it, we really aren’t in Heaven quite yet. 🙂

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