The Calvino Family, 2020

Catholic Homeschooling Family. Beyond Organic Farming. That’s us!

Established in Sunman, IN in 2020, Sundance Farm is named after Our Lady of Fatima, the feast day on which we learned it was for sale (for more on the amazing series of miracles that brought us here, see our first-ever blog post).

With a house which has a lot of history (it’s been here since the 1850s!) and over 40 acres of beautiful land, we are on a journey to cultivate grass-fed cattle, pastured eggs and chicken, and a whole host of ‘beyond organic’ fruits, berries, and vegetables, all while shepherding our souls towards our heavenly goal. We’ll keep you posted on our adventures here at the blog. St. Isidore, Tiller of the Soul, pray for us!

-Nathan and Natalie Calvino

P.S. Keep up with us on Youtube here!

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