100% Grass Fed

Now accepting orders for Half and Whole Beef for 2024!

Cuts of beef and ground beef available now – see below!

We raise Red Devons and Belted Galloways, cattle which were bred to be good producers of both meat and milk from grass. The meat is tender and delicious, full of flavor and high in omega -3 fatty acids. Grass fed and finished, it would be hard to find a healthier choice for your table!

Half Cow$5/lb hanging weight*
Whole Cow$5/lb hanging weight*
Chuck Roast$12/lb
Rump Roast$12/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast$13/lb
Sirloin Tip Steak$21/lb
Ribeye Steak(Boneless)$28/pkg (~12 oz)
Round Steak$21/lb
Filet$29/pkg (~6 oz)
NY Strip Steak$16/pkg (~9 oz)
Top Sirloin$28/lb
Beef Ribs$11/lb
Flank Steak$22/lb
Ground Beef$9/lb
Heart $15/lb
Soup bones$5/lb
*Butcher’s fees additional
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