Local. Sustainable. Pasture Raised. Non-GMO. Soy-Free.

Our animals experience the sunshine, earth, grass, bugs (yum!) and the freedom to move as God made them, while being protected from their natural predators through man’s innovations. They return nutrients to the soil in abundance, affording us a richer, more bountiful harvest of vegetables, fruits, and berries. The result? Produce that is outstandingly nutritious and incredibly delicious!

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Want first dibs on limited quantity items?

Reserve your products with early access to preorders on beef, pork, etc., by joining the Sundance Farm Market Co-op! As a member, you’ll receive special pricing on all our products and never have to worry that something might be sold out.

How It Works…

“And entirely practical proposal, that men should seek the most solid of things, which is the earth, for the most useful of things, which is food.”

G.K. Chesterton, in the forward to “The Catholic Land Movement,” 1932

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