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Real. Clean. Local. Food.

Local. Beyond Organic. Sustainable. Land Healing. Animal Respecting.

We are a small, family farm, sustainably raising grass-fed-and-finished beef and lamb, non-GMO, soy-free pastured poultry and eggs, beyond-organic produce, and more on 41 acres of beautiful pasture.

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Latest from the blog…

Chicken Martinique

Chicken Martinique (pronounced mar- tin- EEK) is a recipe my mother made almost every time we had a whole chicken, and no wonder! It is incredibly easy, and turns out a delicious sauce which is perfect for serving with rice or quinoa on the side. Definitely a “gourmet” touch for the meal! Ingredients: 1 whole…

Roasting Our Heritage Birds and Turkeys

Before anyone tries to roast or cook our heritage birds* or their Thanksgiving turkey in the same way they would a store-bought bird, let me give a few words of caution. These birds are substantially older than the store-bought poultry, and also because they are pastured and/or free range, their muscles get quite a bit…

What to DO with Chicken Hearts

Here’s a quick, easy, and delicious recipe for chicken hearts that will have your family asking for more. No joke, my kids do! A couple notes on how I use this recipe: I use whatever canned tomato product I have on hand, which is rarely tomato paste.I serve over rice to make sure that not…

“The surface of the earth is in the particular care of the farmer. He keeps it for his own sustenance and gain, but his gain is also the gain of all the rest of us…. He is a trustee. The productiveness of the earth must increase from generation to generation: this also is his obligation.”

L.H. Bailey, The Holy Earth

About Us

We steward the 41 acres of beautiful land that God gave us in Ripley County, and provide the highest quality food for others that we can in the process.

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