Sundance Farm

Sunman, Indiana USA

We are a small family farm raising grass-fed-and-finished, non-GMO, soy-free pastured poultry and eggs, produce, and more on 41 acres of beautiful pasture. Contact us to find out what’s in season and available for purchase!

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A Calf in the Bath?

It’s calving time! Winter is not the season we would have chosen to have our cows give birth. Things can happen which necessitate interventions such as… putting a newborn calf in your bathtub. Here’s the story of little Billy the calf, and how the Calvinos took a crash course in one kind of calving emergency.Continue reading “A Calf in the Bath?”

Catching Up

Happy New Year! Life took off like a rocket, and I’m still running to catch up. I feel as though it has been way longer than a month and a half since my last post. So much has happened, I’ll give you a drive- by update. We got the hay in! That was a funContinue reading “Catching Up”

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We steward the 41 acres of beautiful land that God gave us in Ripley County, and provide the highest quality food for others that we can in the process.

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