Poultry (Chicken and Turkeys)

Pastured, Non-GMO, Soy-Free

Moved daily to fresh grass, our birds forage and are supplemented with a soy-free, non-GMO blend. We raise flocks of chickens Spring through Summer, and turkeys a couple times a year. Available frozen at the farmer’s market or pickup fresh from the farm. (In case you are wondering, chicken feet make a fantastic stock rich in collagen!)

Join the Sundance Market Co-op and receive discounts on your poultry! One share gets you 1 pastured chicken every other week for 8 weeks. These birds average 5 lb, but are guaranteed to be no less than 4 lb.

Fence-Free Turkey
(from 9-18 lb)

Whole chicken (Standard Price)$5/lb
Whole Chicken (Co-op Share Price)$80 ($20/bird 5 lb average)
Chicken Feet$6/ 2 lb pkg
Heritage Chicken (fence-free)$9/lb
Stew Hens (available seasonally)$3/lb
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