Pastured, Non-GMO, Chemical-Free, Soy-Free Chicken and Turkey

Moved daily to fresh grass, our birds forage and are supplemented with a soy-free, non-GMO blend. We raise flocks of chickens Spring through Summer, and turkeys a couple times a year. Available frozen at the farmer’s market or pickup fresh from the farm. (In case you are wondering, chicken feet make a fantastic stock rich in collagen!)

Subscribe and save! Pre-order for a few months and receive discounts on your poultry! Just tell us how many chickens you would like per month, and we’ll go from there. These birds average 4.5 lb, but are guaranteed to be no less than 4 lb.

Split Chicken Breasts$10/lb
Boneless Chicken Breasts$12/lb
Chicken Tenderloin$12/lb
Chicken Sausage (Options: Brats & Chorizo)$12/lb
Chicken Thighs$9/lb
Chicken Wings$5/lb
Chicken Drumsticks$7/lb
Whole chicken (Standard Price)$5.50/lb
Whole Chicken (Subscribe and Save Price)$22/bird (4.5 lb average)
Chicken Feet$3/ lb
Bulk Chicken Bones for Soup Stock
(4-6 lb pkg)
Stew Hens (available seasonally)$3/lb
Pasture-Raised Whole Turkey
(9-18 lb)
Turkey Breast$13/lb
Turkey Drums$8/lb
Turkey Wings$5/lb

I must share…with my son dealing with Covid (he feels like it’s a bad cold), I roasted the chicken first thing and boiled up broth from the bones,  and used up my market veggies and my own gardens fresh herbs to make my ‘cures – anything chicken vegetable soup’. I’m convinced the better eating had made him better equipped to weather any of the usual winter illnesses! Thank you so much for your wonderful, quality products!

Mary M., Ohio
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