Bulk Chicken Sale, and Meet your Meat Chickens

[Scroll to bottom for SALE details if you don’t want to “Meet your meat birds”.] “Did these chickens lay those eggs?” A passerby points to a 3 week-old meat bird which a small child is playing with at our booth. It’s Saturday morning at the farmers’ market, and I welcome the question with a smile.Continue reading “Bulk Chicken Sale, and Meet your Meat Chickens”

The “Why and How” of Pastured Eggs

One of my favorite moments during the morning farm chores are the 30 seconds when I open up our chicken coop in the morning. Our pastured layer hens never seem to lack enthusiasm for the first moments of their day. Regardless of how I felt when I got out of bed, they are ALWAYS readyContinue reading “The “Why and How” of Pastured Eggs”

Chicken Superfood! (Livers and Gizzards)

No, we don’t get super powers by eating chicken, but perhaps we can still be superheroes in the way we treat our bodies. Healthline.com touts liver as one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It’s up there with kale, but perhaps better because the nutrients are more easily absorbed. Although modern Western diets prizeContinue reading “Chicken Superfood! (Livers and Gizzards)”