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Why Pre-order?

Want the best food at the lowest prices? Simply pre-order with our “subscribe and save” option! You tell us what you need in advance, so we can plan to have it ready for you when you want it. In return, you receive your products at a discount and first dibs on our seasonal/limited-quantity products!

Here’s how it works: you order the number of eggs and/ or chickens at our special co-op rate (see left) and arrange for regular pickup*.

In addition to reserving eggs and chicken for you, we’ll give you first notice (via email) when our limited quantity products such as organ meat, beef, pork, and turkey are available so you can get your order in fast!

It’s easy to sign up: just fill out the form below!

Are you a Batesville resident interested in home delivery? Check the appropriate box on the form below, and we’ll connect with you to arrange the details.

*Minimum subscription 2 months. Payment in full due at or before first pickup date.

** These birds average 4.5 lb, but are guaranteed to be no less than 4 lb.

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