Grass- Fed Lamb

“Very tender! Very tasty!” — Marsha P, Ohio

Our current lambs are what would be considered “fall lambs,” around one year of age, and bordering on what would be considered a “hogget” (1-2 years). This results in a flavor that is more developed than that of a ‘spring lamb’ (3-6 months), but still tender. They are raised entirely on grass, are processed in a USDA facility, and the cuts are vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness.

Ground Lamb$15/lb
Rib Chops$26/lb
Loin Chops$26/lb
Leg of Lamb (center cut)$18/lb
Leg Steaks$22/lb
Shoulder Roast$16/lb
Rack of Lamb (frenched)$29/lb
Bones (not vacuum-sealed)$6/lb
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